Explore and expand your expertise with us!

If you have technical expertise, you can be quite sure you’ll find your way at Kiwa. As we TIC (Test, Inspect and Certify) around the globe, thousands of skilled people like you create trust in our customers’ products, services, systems and people. In a wide variety of markets, ranging from food, feed and farm to construction and from medical devices to renewable energy. Plus, we provide trainings, consultancy and data services. And of course, there are supporting services as well. So, come explore what you can add to Kiwa – and how we can add to your expertise and career.

Do a meaningful job

When working at Kiwa, you change lives for the better. Our testing, inspection and certification activities improve the quality and safety of organizations, products and services, people’s health and safety, and help protect our environment.

See yourself grow and qualify

At Kiwa, we attach great value to your personal and professional growth and to your qualification as an expert. Your ambitions allow our company to develop and service our customers to the best of our abilities.


Enjoy freedom

to do your job, show initiative and ambition, and service our customers as you see fit – you’re the expert

A global perspective

allowing you to go anywhere within our Family of Companies and shape your own career

A respectful, diverse company

in which we value and respect you as a person and a professional, no matter your background

A decent remuneration package

that is at least in line with the market and reflects the value you add to our company and customers

Areas of expertise

Independence and impartiality are of utmost importance at Kiwa.

Life at Kiwa

See what working at Kiwa is like, through the eyes of colleagues