Life at Kiwa

Our motto is 'We ARE Kiwa', where the A, R, E stand for Ambitious, Reliable and Engaged. That's how we want to be and act towards colleagues, customers and all others we interact with. Common sense, getting the job done and a positive approach. We value personal development and encourage ambition and the ability to pursue ideals. We foster a creative approach in an open and honest working climate where cooperation is of paramount importance. Together, we create trust.

"Kiwa helps you to grow"

Emin Beytullah Camur is responsible for ICT at Kiwa Turkey and as a Functional ICT Consultant for Kiwa's global business change programme. “I have been given room to take initiative and to develop myself. Of course, while doing my job, at Kiwa I can always get support from colleagues when things get complicated and stressful. We are a growing company, therefore, I regularly have to cope with different situations, new challenges and changing routines. Kiwa helps you grow, develop yourself and shape your own career.”

Our Talent Development Programme

If you have it in you, we help you develop your talents. Our internal Talent Development Programme allows colleagues to develop their skills and reach their potential. The programme helps increase the performance of participants and our company in sales, technical skills or management with ambitious assignments and projects.

“At Kiwa, we make sure you don’t feel alone”

“At Kiwa, we make sure you don’t feel alone”

Alessia Frabetti is a Medical Devices Division Director for the Kiwa Group, residing at Kiwa Italy. She has many years of experience in the field of medical device regulations and certification. “My role has moved from being focused on technical aspects to being more business development oriented. Being the Medical Devices Business Sector Leader for Kiwa is very exciting: I challenged myself to improve and dive deeper into developing our international business in the medical sector, and the relationship with my colleagues in other Kiwa countries.”

In a key position? We help you reach new levels

Kiwa is on the move in a moving world. Therefore, we offer colleagues in key positions a Leadership Development Programme to take their personal leadership to the next level.

“No two days are the same”

Ray Oso works as a Radio Frequency Business Sector Lead at Kiwa UK. He and his colleagues help companies obtain regulatory approval for their wireless and electronics products, which are needed to access markets globally. “As Kiwa puts employees' development at the heart of the company, I anticipate taking on more roles. I want to help realize global coverage of our services for companies in wireless communication, ITE (Information Technology Equipment), electrics and electronics. We have the ambition to become #1 there. It’s great to be able to contribute to speeding up this journey and reaching this goal!”