Our motto: We create trust

Everything we do at Kiwa comes down to trust. For our customers, we offer them quality, progress, security, expertise, respect and value for money. Our employees are the #1 ambassadors to make that happen – so we keep them employable, satisfied, happy and healthy. For the world around us, we govern our company in a solid way. And we are a good corporate citizen that values and advocates.

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Our core values: We ARE Kiwa


We always search for improvement. For ourselves and our work, in our company and in how we service our customers.


We do what we say. We meet appointments and expectations, act honestly and with integrity, straight and sound.


We care. We positively involve ourselves in the activities of our customers, colleagues and others, and in society.

We know our responsibilities

At Kiwa, we are aware of our social responsibilities for our employees and the people, communities and environments we work with. In everything we do, we want to act with honesty and fairness while respecting human rights, equality, dignity and diversity for all. In other words: we feel a responsibility towards all Kiwa colleagues and the world around us. And we intend to do justice to these responsibilities all the time.

Our two General CSR Principles


We aim for all Kiwa countries to be certified according to Level 3 of the CSR Performance Ladder


Every certified Kiwa country adopts at least two UN Sustainable Development Goals to act on

Our four CSR Focal Points


We profoundly reduce our CO2 footprint: -20% compared to 2015


We improve our employees' health and satisfaction: overall score 7.5 or above


We intensify the voice of our stakeholders: CSR embedded in customer relations


We enlarge our impact on sustainability: attaching services to the UN SDGs